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Anti DDoS Guardian


Version: 5.1

Program available in: English

Program license: Trial version

Program by: beethink

Works under:Windows 2003

Anti DDOS Guardian is a high protection software services for Windows-based servers. The software helps users protect their network, including apache servers, IIS servers, game, mail, and SIP servers.

The guardian protects against slow stop HTTP get and post attacks, TCP floods, and all forms of bandwidth attack. The desktop application even remotely protects Windows systems from password brute force or canary access attempts.

Users appreciate that the software is lightweight and simple to download with a file size under 3 megabytes. It can be successfully deployed over large networks, making it ideal for development environments and at-home use.

Users should be aware that the software is geared towards technical professionals and those that have a deep understanding of network security. It may take time to learn how to best use the software for network protection.


  • Protects network against many forms of DDoS attacks
  • Boasts small download file and lightweight operation


  • Only paid software is available with limited free trial